About Us

We, at Jaipur Basta, ideate to create thoughtful designs and to develop modern pieces using quality materials. We carefully focus to blend our artisanal aesthetic with contemporary sensibilities. Offering a wide range of consciously developed handmade bags, we take pride in providing the best quality finishes in various styles. As a creator, we believe accessories can help you accentuate your personality- and we wish to deliver it with a touch of personalisation in our products.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Behind the brand is the visionary creative force of Nikita Shekhawat, the Founder of Jaipur Basta. A textile designer by profession, she aims to share her love for prints to the world. She loves Jaipur Basta products to be interpreted by the personality of the user and we hope to offer relevance with our products. We aspire to grow a global community of thoughtful consumers who understand the traditions of printing and bag creation.

Nikita Shekhawat